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4th Grade Academic Curriculum

Academic Curriculum


Our mathematics program is based on the California Common Core Standards. We will be using Bridges in Mathematics. The curriculum focuses on developing students' understandings of math concepts and the ability to solve complex problems. It blends direct instruction, structured investigation, and open exploration. 



Our language arts program is based on the California Common Core standards. In reading, we will have independent reading, read alouds, and journal writing. In writing, we will be using Lucy Calkins instructional materials. We will focus on narratives, opinion writing, and informational writing.



The fourth-grade History-Social Science curriculum focuses on California. We will be using Social Studies Weekly.



Our science program will follow the NGSS aligned curriculum. We will be using Mystery Science and teacher-created content to teach earth science, physical science, life science and engineering. We are moving toward phenomena based lessons and incorporating more hands-on activities.



Our physical education program will help students develop motor skills and a knowledge of games that build self-confidence and prepare them for an active adulthood while promoting cardiovascular development. Class activities de-emphasize winning and losing and stress the importance of self-improvement and active participation. The program includes stretching, running, and skill-building activities.