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Mission and Vision

District Mission Statement

To ensure lifelong learning, San Lorenzo Unified School District, staff, families and community, will collaborate to advance authentic knowledge, skills and attributes that will ensure our students are creative and critical thinkers, ready to fully participate in our changing community and world.

District Vision Statement

As a result of their education, all students will become compassionate, collaborative and creative problem-solvers, who are resilient, well-informed, civically-engaged advocates for equity and social justice.

District Equity Vision and Definition

Equity in the San Lorenzo Unified School District is acknowledging historical biases and changing the way they are addressed in terms of closing the academic achievement gap. We define our approach to the work of equity as providing for each student the academic, emotional and social supports needed to increase the achievement of under-performing subgroups at an accelerated rate while additionally increasing overall student performance.
Bay School Vision Statement

At Bay School, we share and value the District's Vision and Mission. We also collaboratively revised our school-specific vision during the 2016-2017 school year. It reads as follows:

Bay School is a community which engages and nurtures all students and families.

• Communication with families in a variety of home languages whenever possible

• Family and community stakeholders in school decision making

• Addressing the language and literacy needs of English Learners using a variety of strategies

• Inclusive opportunities for students with special needs

• Academic and community building family nights

• Enrichment and intervention afterschool opportunities

• Positive and encouraging learning environments

We encourage critical thinking, curious learners, and active participation to foster a lifelong love of learning.

• Readers and Writers Workshop/Daily Five

• Integration of technology/Google Apps for Education

• Implementation of Next Generation Science Standards

• Student recognition of academic and social achievements/growth

• Teaching for independence and transfer

The Bay School community strives to build a safe, kind, and inclusive learning environment through collaboration and respectful communication.

• Schoolwide Expectations-Respectful, Responsible, and Safe

• Collaborative school-family partnerships

• Restorative Practices/Toolbox/Mindfulness

• Social/emotional supports

• Enrichment opportunities for students and families

• Professional Development and Collaborative Planning Time