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Welcome to Ms. Pires's Teacher Page

Hello friends and family, I am Ms. Pires. I have been teaching 5th grade Bay Elementary School for 12 years. I am first generation Irish-Brazilian-American, and I cultivate diversity, leadership, and acceptance in my classroom. I am a strong believer in teaching responsibility, accountability, and respect. Open, honest, and direct communication and feedback are paramount to succeed in the classroom and in life. I am available 24/7 to help you work with your child, together as a team.

Inspired by
My students are my biggest inspiration. They help me be a better person and teacher. Time outdoors in nature and at the beach are part of my daily life, along with quality time and people. Yoga and mindfulness help keep me grounded. Love is the absence of judgment. ~Dali Lama

I am a teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend with a sensitive heart. I attended San Francisco State University and received my BA in Psychology. I attended Chapman University and received my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. As a life-long learner, I continue to attend trainings, conferences, workshops, and take courses to keep up in this fast-paced world.

District Tools I Use

I take attendance using Aeries. You can stay on top of attendance through the Aeries Family Portal or Aeries App.

Report Cards: 
I use Aeries to generate report cards. Families can view report cards through the Aeries Family Portal.

I use the Aeries Gradebook, so students and their parent-guardians can view grades through the Aeries Family Portal or Aeries App.

Sangha Interactive App:
I will be relying on the Sangha app to communicate with families in a protected, password-protected environment.  Please download the app and log in using the parent-guardian email that was used for enrollment or data confirmation.

Google Classroom:
I use Google Classroom to manage assignments for writing in class and at home. Students have access to all classroom sites at home.

Website: I use my Google Website to keep parents informed with upcoming events, assignment due dates, tests, and so much more.  Click on the links for details
Classroom Rules & Expectations
Family Life
Reading and Writing
Daily Five
How Guided Reading Works
Leveled and Fun Book Reads
Social Studies
Technology and Games
What is Common Core?
Field Trips
Guardian Support & Behavior Tips
4 Ways to Improve Your Child's Bedtime Routine
8 Things Kids Should Be Able to Do Before They're 13
Bedtime Time Chart
Chores For Kids
Growth Mindset
Guardian Support
Home Visits
Healthy Habits
How to Deal With Backtalk
How to Deal With Lying Children
Social Media Tips
What is Fair?
Leadership Duties
Classroom Schedule

Other Tools I Use

I use Reasoning Minds, Prodigy, and Khan Academy to help students grow in math. Students have access to this site at home.

I also use Newsela which offers students up-to-date, high-interest articles that meet students right at their level'. Students have access to this site at home.

Science and Reading
I use Learn 360 to show engaging educational videos to share with my class.

All Academic Subjects
I use Brain POP to show videos to helps students understand math, reading, writing, science, health, art & music, and engineering. Students watch, learn, and quiz themselves at their own pace. 

NWEA MAP Growth Assessment
Northwest Evaluation Association-Measures of Academic Progress Growth Assessment is used to test students in reading and math every trimester.

Blocksi is an exclusive classroom management system that allows teachers to view every Chromebook screen in the classroom collectively or individually. It helps keep students on track and on safe and appropriate sites.

I use Scholastic to order books for the class and for students. Join my class and you can easily order books online using my class code: J6PRB.

I use Kahoot as an interactive study game used on the chromebooks in class. Students answer review questions and complete for points. It the most popular game students enjoy playing.

Inner Explorer
Inner Explorer's daily classroom mindfulness practices reduce student stress, help strengthen self-regulation skills, and improve academic performance.

Go Noodle
Go Noodle has hundreds of videos that activate kids' bodies and brains when a brain break is needed.


Recent Posts

A HUGE thank you to Donors Choose for your generosity. Now Room 122 has book bins to organize and improve our Lovely Library. Yay, Broncos!

Ms. Pires' Website

My website is up and running with all details of what is taught, learned, rules, expectations, and so much more... check it out!

Conferences are available on-line now!

Conferences are October 3-4. We are online and ready to go. We no longer use Sangha, which many of you are familiar with. We now use Download the app, sign-up, and you're ready to go!

Ms. Pires is rocking it with your kids in Room 122...

Hello families and friends! I just want to share with you that these three days have been amazing (for me). So many familiar faces, and in three short days, our class has:
  • started to bond
  • organized our supplies and desks
  • taken a math placement quiz
  • started science
  • read for 42 minutes straight today (stamina building, the goal is 60 mins)
  • listened to my read aloud, "The Giving Tree"
  • played getting-to-know community-building games
  • learned lots about each other
  • ... and so much more!
I'm so happy to see such collaborative kindness, learning to adapt to 5th-grade expectations, and making some progress in only three days! I am looking forward to meeting all of you real soon.
Thank you for all the donations, and please know, I have taken care of all students who needed supplies. I need nothing else at this time except to support and help your child. IF you have concern, questions, and comments, please feel free to email me. I'm available often, respond quickly, and will work with your child's' needs.
BIG smiles,
Ms. Pires

REMINDER (not that we need one)!!

End of Year Party from PTA
Wednesday, June 12th
10:00 Help
10:40 Enjoy
1:00 Clean-up
Thursday, June 13th
12:35 bring tissue and a camera
End 100 wing, we will exit the building in style.
Please join me in saying, "Good Bye, Elementary Kids. Helloooo, Middle Schoolers!" I am so very, very proud of this bunch, and the bond we created this year. We laughed, we cried, but most importantly, we have stuck together through thick and thin. No one gave up. No one quit. And, no one will leave my class saying they didn't try their hardest.
Come for the day. Come for a minute. Just COME!!

State Report Due May 31st

Ms. Pires' Website is updated with deadlines for state report. Parents, several kids haven't collected enough information and we have worked in class for three weeks. There are two weeks left and your child needs to be working on this at home, as well. 
Testing is almost done. Next week is Math CAASPP. We're almost there!!

Please read about important past/present/future due dates...

Please check your child's backpack, help them clean it out, look at their work, and sign their planners. Many are missing assignments, projects, and due dates. It is written on the board daily, it needs to be signed by parents, and many children need extra help getting organized. Progress reports let you know where your child stands as of now. Missing assignments can improve grades if turned in.
*Progress reports were due signed and returned this past Monday, April 29th.
       -Several students still have them and need to return them me.
*Ukulele projects for music were due today, April 30th.
       -This was a music project from the music teacher.
       -Only 11 students did it. Please talk to your child. They have been given an extension.
*CAST Science test is May 7th. Please have your child bring their earbuds. They have needed them all year and will continue to need them for the rest of the year, as they are needed for testing.
*CASSPP math and reading will be May 14th and the 24th. Please make sure your child has slept, eaten breakfast, and is present to state testing... with earbuds.
*The state report is due May 31st. Students picked their state, have an outline, have a choice in doing a typed report in google docs or google slides. Some students are doing an advanced project and will be working on a project. Please help your child, they have five weeks to complete it.
Please talk to your children and make sure they understand they have deadlines as we enter the last month of school. Whoo Hoo!!
Ms. Pires

Whooo hooo!!


Thank you so much for supporting this year’s Bay Elementary Fun Run! The program was a huge success, and I know everyone had so much fun! There’s just one more thing left to do.

We need your help in collecting all our pledges. As a class, we raised $600.00 - our goal is to collect 100% of all pledges by 03/20/2019.

All sponsors that included their email address when making a pledge will receive an email reminder and instructions to pay their pledge. Please reach out to those sponsors who did NOT include their email address to let them know they can send cash or check to you, which will then be sent to school in your child’s collection envelope (coming home soon).

Finally, please encourage your student to thank all their sponsors for helping our school!

Thank you again for your support! Let me know if you have questions.

Boosterthon fun is tomorrow!


The Bay Elementary Fun Run is tomorrow! Thank you to all our families who have been working hard to raise funds for our school. We truly appreciate your support!

There is only one day left in the program. That makes tonight THE LAST NIGHT FOR PLEDGING before the Bay Elementary Fun Run.

Would you consider reaching out to one or two more sponsors tonight?

If you have any questions, please let me know. We hope to see you and your family tomorrow at the big event!

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. It’s not too late to register your child on! To sign up, search for your school or use our school registration code: 918252

Boosterthon, Spanish

Amigos y Familias,
¡Gracias nuevamente por respaldar a nuestra escuela mediante el Bay Elementary Fun Run!

¡Este fin de semana estamos entregando un desafío especial! Su hijo puede ganar un premio de bonificación simplemente al obtener una promesa de donación calificante solo este fin de semana. ¡Consulte para obtener más detalles!

Y si está buscando la forma más fácil para solicitar una promesa de donación, solo suba una fotografía de su estudiante para crear un video personalizado de Estudiante Estrella. Este video divertido y entretenido que representa su hijo puede ser compartido por correo electrónico o redes sociales para conectarse con patrocinadores y solicitar una promesa de donación.

¡Gracias nuevamente por ayudar a nuestra clase!

P.D. Si aún no ha inscrito a su hijo en, use nuestro código de inscripción escolar: 918252