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Welcome to Ms. Pires' Teacher Page

Hello friends and families, I have been teaching at Bay Elementary School for 17 years. I cultivate diversity, leadership, and acceptance in my classroom. I am a strong believer in teaching responsibility, accountability, and respect. Open, honest, and direct communication and feedback are paramount to succeed in the classroom and in life. I am available to help you work with your child, together as a team.

Inspired by
My students are my biggest inspiration. They help me be a better person and teacher. Time outdoors in nature and at the beach is part of my daily life, along with quality time and people. Yoga and mindfulness help keep me grounded. Love is the absence of judgment. ~Dali Lama

I am a teacher, mentor, colleague, sister, daughter, and friend with a sensitive heart. I attended San Francisco State University and received my BA in Psychology. I attended Chapman University and received my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. As a lifelong learner, I continue to attend trainings, conferences, and workshops, and I take courses to keep up in this fast-paced world.

District Tools I Use

  • Attendance:  Aeries can help you stay on top of attendance through the Aeries Parent Portal or Aeries App.
  • Report Cards: Aeries generates report cards. Families can view report cards through the Aeries Parent Portal.
  • Google Classroom: to manage assignments and have access to all GC at home.
  • Other Tools I Use: All students have access to all accounts at home.
    • Math- Bridges, Prodigy, Freckle, and Khan Academy to help students grow in math. Students have access to this site at home.
    • Science, Social Studies, and Reading- Newsela offers students up-to-date, high-interest articles that meet students right at their level. Students have access to this site at home.
    • Science- Twig Science Curriculum 
    • Reading- I use Learn 360 to show engaging educational videos to share with my class.
    • All Academic Subjects- Brain POP to show videos to help students understand math, reading, writing, science, health, art & music, and engineering. Students watch, learn, and quiz themselves at their own pace.
    • Scholastic- to order books for the class and for students. Join my class and you can easily order books online using my class code: J6PRB.
    • Kahoot- an interactive study game used on Chromebooks. Students answer review questions and complete them with each other for points. It is the most popular game students enjoy playing.
    • Go Noodle- Go Noodle has hundreds of videos that activate kids' bodies and brains when a brain break is needed.