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TK Expectations and Curriculum




            Transitional Kindergartners are expected to follow classroom rules and school rules. Consequences may include loss of privileges, parent contact or a visit to the principal.

            Positive behavior is rewarded with individual and group praise, rewards, special privileges, and notes home.



            Homework is assigned and should be returned as directed.  Homework is an introduction or a follow-up to class work and might include reading with a parent, a special project, or a reinforcement worksheet.  Parents should monitor but not complete the work for the child.  HOMEWORK FOLDER NEEDS TO BE RETURNED DAILY.



            Grades reflect both oral and written work and teacher observation.  Conferences will take place October 4 and October 5 and other times as needed.  Certain skills listed on the report card will not be graded until the later part of the year.




Language Arts

                        Students will experience hands-on and pencil and paper alphabet activities.

                                    Happily Ever After, published by Rowland Reading Foundation

                                    Zoo-phonics, by Bradshaw, Wright, and Clark

                                    Handwriting without Tears, by Knapton and Olsen

                                    Fountas and Pinnell Classroom         



                        Students will experience hands-on and pencil and paper math activities.

                                    Mathematics Their Way by Mary Baratta-Lorton



                                     Second Step published by Committee for Children

                                     Tool Box   by Dovetail Learning



P.E., Art, Social Studies, and Science

            TK is theme based. Consequently, P.E., Art, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Math are integrated into the themes.