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Welcome to Coach Bone's Teacher Page

Hello Bay Broncos,
Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! 
PE classes this year will consist of one weekly 20 minute Zoom class and weekly At-Home activities.  During our Zoom PE class we will will be discussing health and fitness concepts, sports and recreational activities, and looking into nutrition and wellness.  We will also be working on our fitness and practicing our skills together! In addition to our Zoom class, I will be offering At-Home PE activities which will keep you active and moving. 
You can always log into your PE Zoom class through your PE Google Classroom account.  There will be a link to Zoom right at the top of the Stream page.  Under the Classwork tab you will find what I would like you to focus on for your At- Home PE activities for the week.  Be sure to keep checking your PE Google Classroom for updates!  
Lastly, we will also continue to use our Bay PE website this year- you are always free to explore the site at any time.  It will be updated throughout the course of this school year with new At-Home activities as well as sections we will discuss in our Zoom classes.  
You can find the website at: 
If you need to reach out to me, I can always be reached via district email at: [email protected]