Bay School Family Letter 4/10/2020

April 10, 2020

Hello Bronco Families,

Congratulations on making it to Spring Break, though it’s hardly the Spring Break we pictured when we started the school year. The world has changed so much in the past few weeks. Although I’m disappointed that we won’t be able to come back together to close out the year at school in beautiful Bronco fashion, it is decidedly worth the shelter-in-place if this move helps to keep our Broncos and our community safer.

The Bay Community has been nothing but impressive and supportive during this time. Staff, families and students have worked together to ensure that education continues in a time when there is so much uncertainty. We had close to two dozen staff volunteers on Chromebook distribution day, and I believe that speaks to the incredible and dedicated people we have at Bay. I feel so lucky to be a part of this school. Now that we have distributed devices to students, our district is working to make sure that everyone has Internet access in order to use those devices. Staff has worked this week to reach out to families for that information to make sure that all Broncos have what they need for learning for the weeks to follow. After Spring Break, teachers will be rolling out distance learning plans to support our students through the end of the school year. Until then…

Happiest of Spring Breaks! Please, take this time to relax and recharge with your families. Teachers and staff will be doing the same thing, and will not be available to answer emails or questions during the break. This has been a challenging few weeks, and we all deserve a chance to power down and take care of ourselves.

I can’t express enough how truly thankful I am for all of you. These are unprecedented times. Many of you are working, taking care of aging parents, or looking after younger children during regular school hours. I know that it has been an inordinate strain on all of you and I thank you! We are all doing our best in a difficult time, so be kind to yourselves and give yourselves the grace you are giving others. You are amazing and we are lucky to have each other.

If new information is released during the break, it will be rolled out through the website. Here is a reminder of the ways to access information:

Bay School Website:

San Lorenzo Unified Website:

I look forward to seeing all of you online after the break. Remember, today and every day, it’s great to be a Bronco! We love and miss you. Stay safe and take care, Bronco families!

Bethannee Witczak, Principal of Bay School