Bay Elementary needs an inclusive playground! Bay Elementary is home to over 470 amazing students in San Lorenzo, CA. In addition to 18 general education classes, TK-5th grade, Bay Elementary has three special day classes which are homerooms to more than 2 dozen students with physical and/or developmental disabilities. Many of these students are confined to wheelchairs and cannot access the current play structure. During recess, our wheelchair-bound students either play in a small enclosed concrete area with one plastic basketball hoop and a tricycle, or they sit in their chairs along the fence by the larger structure, watching the other students play because they are unable to access the playground. But wait…there is hope! This is where YOU come in!


At Bay, we are committed to making sure that all students have access to high quality education AND space to play together. We have the opportunity to build a fully inclusive playground, with structures that have wheelchair ramps and a variety of low-to-the-ground options for play, so that all of our students have the opportunity to play together on the structure at recess. We have the plans, we have the company and we have the price tag…all we need is to raise the money to make it happen! Please consider donating to make sure that ALL kids at Bay get to play together.  Thank you!