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Welcome to Ms. Todd's Teacher Page

I have been teaching for 24 years!  I started in San Lorenzo teaching 7th grade and spent many years teaching 1st grade after that.  I have been a Teacher on Special Assignment for 4 years.  This is my first year at Bay School and I love it.

Inspired by
Democracy is neither a possession nor a guaranteed achievement.  It is forever in the making; it might be thought of as a possibility – moral and imaginative possibility.  For surely it has to do with the way persons attend to one another, care for one another, and interact with one another.  It has to do with choices and alternatives, with the capacity to look at things as though they could be otherwise.”

Maxine Greene, The Role of Education in Democracy

I got my undergraduate degree in Art History from Oberlin College. My teaching credential and Masters degrees are both from Mills College.